Moss can affect the structure of a roof, so it is imperative that it gets removed by a professional roofing contractor such as West London Roofing Ltd .

If the moss is not removed, it will multiply, and much damage will be caused. Moss and lichen release small amounts of acid that is corrosive to metals used in roofing installation today. Costly repairs will be incurred or even the need of a replacement roof if the moss is left as it is.

Do not try and get rid of the moss yourself, more damage will be done by doing this. Moss needs to be removed using specialist machinery, tools and biodegradable products to make sure that the roof is not damaged whilst removal takes place.

Once the moss has been removed, our expert team at West London Roofing Ltd will gently restore your roof, cleaning it thoroughly to reveal the true colour of the clay, tile or concrete tiles.

Moss removal is fully guaranteed, and we do not require a deposit of any kind before we get started on cleaning your roof.

A clean, moss free roof can add value to any property, creates instant kerb appeal and prolongs the life of your roof.

If you do not have any moss on your roof, our team can carry out general jetwashing of roofs or any other outside surfaces at competitive prices. Our experienced team also offer exterior painting and wall coatings to further enhance your property, take a look at our Exterior Painting page or give us a call on West London 020 8175 9312 for more information. We will be glad to offer you our professional roofing services at competitive prices.